i have something kind of sad to say…

i also have good news! i found out how to put stuff under a “more,” lol…

i’ve been on bearville for almost two months, and i don’t even have that many friends… nobody ever says hi to me online, and then the people who do talk to me write really mean things about me where they think i won’t see! 😦

when i joined bearville, i wanted it to be a happy place, where everyone got along!! but now i’m getting mean things posted about me, just because i was trying to be nice… 😦

people think i’m a suckup just for trying to be friendly to my friends… do they want me to be really mean to other people like they are? because i’m not the kind of person who’s mean to other people!!

i just feel like nobody on bearville notices or likes me that much, just because i don’t act just like them… 😦


3 thoughts on “i have something kind of sad to say…

  1. Tea

    Rosanna, you shouldn’t quit because of what people say. Just hold your head high and ignore those bitches. You really have gotten a lot of stuff for someone who’s played for only two months, like furry, which I still haven’t had in my five years of playing on this site, or a bear code for which you traded nothing. You also have your City Garden, which I know you wanted as soon as you heard about it. So take a deep breath, get out of the Build-A-Bear Workshop if you have to, and just try to have fun on Bearville. 😉

  2. Marina

    Sadly, people don’t all get along in real life or online. And not everyone is as nice as you (and you’re REALLY nice to everyone, which is a trait I wish more people had).
    I don’t think anyone wants you to be meaner. The harsh truth is actually that people in BABW in Bear Boulevard (which is where I’ve seen you a lot) only really talk to their friends. Or rare people. Usually their friends ARE rare people.
    But before you decide to quit, think about getting your furry, your garden, your other stuff, and think about all the GOOD times you had in Bearville, and then ask yourself: is quitting really worth it? You’ll probably find that, hey, it isn’t.

  3. PrincessSparkleBear308

    Rosanna, think about it. Ask yourself, is it worth it to lose all the amazing memories you’ve had in this virtual world? Is it worth it to quit when you’ve got cool clothes, wonderful accessories, great furniture, and best of all? Magnificent friends. Sure, you can still be friends with them when you quit. You can email them, you can call them on the phone. But it won’t be the same without Bearville. It’s that special connection, that special bond, that special glue that really sticks you all together. So, think about it, Rosanna. Think about it.


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