i went to the north pole!

the holidays are finally here, lol! even though it’s not gardening season offline, i can still go to the north pole on bearville! and i did! 😀

the north pole train station!
this is me at the north pole train station, lol! i’m wearing my new letterman jacket! a lot of cool clothes came to bvo on thursday, lol! 😀 i bought a lot of dresses! but i can’t wear them at the north pole, lol… it’s too cold! 😦

the snowball game!
i played the snowball game, lol! this is my score! i wasn’t very good at it, lol… 😦 then i went to the north pole town square and found the big christmas tree! 🙂

the big christmas tree!
i had to get all the ornaments for it, lol!

the christmas tree quest! the ornaments!
the ornaments were all in the same places as each other! so they were easy to find, lol! 😀 i got a christmas tree for finding all the ornaments! 🙂

the christmas tree!
the north pole is so much fun, lol! i’ll make another post about it soon! 😀


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